Why Yunit is Changing Investing

February 3, 2022

Learning how to invest can seem incredibly difficult if you don’t have any background knowledge. And we bet you have done one if not all of these things in order to learn & feel comfortable:

  • Read a bunch of articles with language you may not understand
  • Read a few time consuming books (with more language and jargon you may not understand)
  • Joined Telegram/Whatsapp groups
  • Followed multiple investing influencers on one of if not all social media networks
  • Tried Forex (straight scam - please don’t if you haven't)
  • Watched Youtube videos 
  • Paid for investing classes that end up costing way more than they are worth

After all of the searching, where have you landed? Probably still confused and at this point pissed off by not getting anywhere. What makes it worse is that we, Young Millennials & Gen Z got the short stick in terms of generational wealth. Traditional schooling (high school & college)  didn’t even remotely prepare us for how to tackle investing for our future and building wealth. And to add insult to injury most people don’t realize how important investing can be until much later in life. Also, we do not trust large institutions as we’ve seen them take advantage of our parents and peers in the past.

The good thing is that we’re not alone. In fact, there are ~100M+ people in the United States that have no idea where to start or what to do. This is why we created Yunit - because together we can figure this investing thing out.

Founded in January 2020, Yunit  is an investing app that makes investing together easy and safe. At Yunit, we believe that the only way to succeed is together. No more trying to figure things out alone when you have an entire community of friends and family on the same journey of learning how to master their money. Now this does not mean you share your money with other people, but Yunit is your safe space to discuss & invest together with safety and transparency. 

Why do we think this is the best way to do it? Simple, people do not win alone. I can’t name a single investor that does not have a team of smart people working with them, so why should we invest alone? We took this model and innovated it to make sure the everyday person can invest like the big shot businessmen in the world who make millions a year purely off of their investments. The world we are creating allows people to come together & make money together. Simple.

Yunit is the app for investment groups. We built Yunit to make it incredibly easy for people to come together and invest with the safety we need. So at Yunit we want to make it incredibly easy for you to invest with the people you know and love. Regardless of how much money you have (literally even $5). We understand that you won’t be an investing expert overnight but you can get started with Yunit by adding your name to our launch list so you can stay in the loop! 

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